J.E. Coulter Associates Ltd.


Company Overview


J. E. COULTER ASSOCIATES LIMITED is the outgrowth of an Acoustical Engineering career spanning 31 years in Industrial, Architectural, and Environmental Acoustics.

This association is geared to providing cost-sensitive, experienced Consulting Engineering, technical assistance and design capabilities either on an independent basis or as an integral unit of a project group.  Our clientele include planners, developers, architects, railways, industry, condominium corporations, pits and quarries concerns, government, consulting engineers and private citizens.

We have carried out projects in such diverse fields as isolating of condominiums and offices from subway vibration, providing evidence in Court and Municipal Board hearings, designing auditoria and lecture halls, abating building noise, assisting in the design of quieter highways, muffling noise, sewage plants and designing landfill sites; in all, over 3,000 projects in private consulting over the last 28 years.

As an adjunct to our Engineering Consulting capacity, specialized instrumentation can be designed and built that is uniquely tailored to the requirements of the job.