J.E. Coulter Associates Ltd.
Tobin Cooper, C.E.T.

Centennial College: Mechanical Engineering Technology, Scarborough, Ontario - 1998

Professional Background:
Mr. Cooper has worked in a variety of different environments, including Consumers Gas where he drafted layout for underground gas mains and acted as a liaison among municipal departments. Since 1999 Mr. Cooper has worked at J.E. COULTER ASSOCIATES LIMITED taking sound and vibration measurements, conducting analyses of gathered data and of building plans, ensuring they are compliant with acoustic code standards, and designing noise barriers along roadways and other noise sources.

Selected Job List:

Beak Consultants: Canadian Blue Bird Coach, Toronto.
Assessment of rooftop noise sources around facility.

Concord Adex Developments: The Matrix, The Apex, Toronto.
sound levels from Gardiner Lakeshore, Spadina.

GDX Automotive: Welland
Assessment of rooftop noise sources near facility.

Mandel, Raymond: 39 Old Mill Road, Etobicoke.
Design mitigation to alleviate noise problems.

Metcap Living: Ballycliffe Lodge, Ajax.
Supervision and study of addition to nursing home.

Page & Steele Architects: The Delisle Condominium, Toronto.
Study of effects of fan replacement on various suites.

Thompson Rosemount Group: Sewage Pumping Station, Town of Lancaster.
Aid in generator set selection, as well as analysis and recommendations as to appropriate muffler selection; recommendations as to interior facade changes.

Turner Fleischer Architects: No Frills, Richmond Hill.
Recommendation of noise mitigation measures for rooftop noise and compresser room.

Yee Hong Centre: Mississauga
Assessment of surrounding noise sources and suggestions made as to appropriate building facade changes.